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Bug reports, feature requests & general help

MIST support is freely available via email.

When reporting a bug:

    • Please describe as clearly as possible what you expected to happen and what happened instead.

    • Please attach your MIST log file (see below)

      • If the bug is reproducible, please set your MIST log level (in Settings > Logging) to 'TRACE' and then cause the bug to happen. This will give the most useful information in your log file. You can change the log level back after reporting the bug, if you like.

How to find your MIST log file

  • Open MIST Settings ('Preferences' on macOS)

  • Select 'Logging'

  • Select 'Open Logfile Folder'

  • Select 'mist.log'

Known Issues

"MIST is damaged" on macOS

MIST is [probably] just fine, but macOS can be rather persnickety about apps that didn't come directly from the App Store. Here's what to do to fix it.

Email connection failed: "Bad Request" after having not used MIST for a long time

MIST needs to re-authenticate to Google. To force this (on Windows):

  1. Close MIST

  2. Start Menu > Type %APPDATA% > Press Enter

  3. Open 'mist' then 'conf'

  4. Delete any files with names like "StoredCredential"

  5. Open MIST and try to connect.

Need help on macOS or Linux? Just ask!

Please note that MIST is not directly affiliated with TntConnect or TntWare, but we hope it will be useful to the TntConnect community! Please do not seek help for MIST on the TntConnect forums.